Name: Alyssa Worsham

Sponsor Company: K&L Gates LLP

Address: 134 Meeting Street, 2nd Floor, Charleston, SC 29401

Twitter/Facebook: @KLGates

What are 3 favorite films of all time? “All time” is just impossible, but Raising Arizona, Y Tu Mama Tambien, and Out of Africa come to mind as movies I always come back to.

What’s your favorite CHS IFF event? As a former journalist, I’m a sucker for the documentary screenings.

If you could have any movie (past or present) remade in Charleston, what would it be? Vertigo? Charleston and San Francisco have some very similar aesthetics, but I would be interested in how Charleston as a setting would change the movie.

Favorite Movie Food: Does wine count? If not, popcorn.

Best Part of Charleston International Film Festival: An international crowd gathering in one of the world’s most beautiful and historically rich cities to watch and celebrate movies--what’s not to love?