2013 Award Winners

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2013 Festival Program

Best Film

  • “A House, A Home” – Written and directed by Daniel Fickle

Jury Awards

  • Best Feature: “Breaking at the Edge” – Directed by Peter Antonijevic

  • Best Short: “Smile“ – Written and directed by Matteo Pianezzi

  • Best Documentary: “Solo La Caña” – Written and Directed by Tom Laffey

Audience Choice Awards

  • Best Documentary: “AKA Doc Pomus” – Directed by Peter Miller and Will Hechter

  • Best Feature: “Commencement” – Written and directed by Steve Albrezzi

  • Best Short: “Love Scene” – Written and directed by Bethany Ashton Wolf

  • Best Foreign Film: “Counting Happiness” – written and directed by Venetia Evripiotou

  • Best Animation: “Green Acres” – Directed by James Beck

Screenplay Awards

  • Screenplay Competition Winner: William Blackmon for “Isaiah’s Rest – An Edisto Ghost Story”

  • First Runner-Up: Bethany Ashton Wolf for “Love Scene” 

  • Second Runner-Up: Michael Kane for “Intelligent Design”

Special Honors

  • Best Actress: Marin Hinkle in “Commencement”

  • Best Actor: Satyam Singh in “Counting Happiness”

Lifetime Achievement Award

2013 Screenplay Finalists

Writer: Ryan Chase Lee
Synopsis: A year into the zombie apocalypse, Alex is apart of a small group of survivors that have converted an abandoned boarding school into a fortress to protect them from the undead. When a powerful storm and a lone traveler threaten the walls of the compound, Alex must decide what is safer: leaving with the traveler or staying in weakened fortress.

Writer: Lorraine Portman
Synopsis: Cleaning out her deceased father’s farmhouse, Piper discovers a meth factory and is forced to defend her life against a terrifying onslaught of attacks from sadistic meth cookers hell bent on protecting their secrets, while she uncovers the truth about a father she never knew. A contained thriller with one location and four actors.

Writer: Michael Kane
Synopsis: The creator of the first fully sentient robot struggles to achieve success in a world that has turned it’s back on him.

Writer: William Blackmon
Synopsis: Somewhere on Edisto Island a deed showing the true ownership of the resort town of Edisto Beach is buried and William Jeffers, a vile and ruthless man, will do anything, to include murder to find it. His only problem is the deed and its secrets are guarded by a vicious hellhound, the reincarnation of the son of slaves who were deeded the island by their former masters and then brutally murdered by Jeffers’ ancestors to keep them from it in 1889.

Writer: Bethany Ashton Wolf
Synopsis: LOVE SCENE chronicles the passionate, tumultuous 25-year love affair of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier that begins in 1935 from their height of fame together on screen and stage. Together as Hamlet and Ophelia, Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, with Leigh as Scarlett in GONE WITH THE WIND and Olivier as Heathcliff in WUTHERING HEIGHTS, the two stars fall madly in love with each other while married to other people. For three decades–through Leigh’s undiagnosed bipolar disorder, Olivier’s obsession with the theatre, and numerous infidelities on both their parts–Leigh and Olivier try desperately to hold on to their great love for each other while living a poetically blurred line between their art and their real lives as the most iconic, celebrity couple of their time.

Writer: John F. Harris
Synopsis: Four close friends bring their recently widowed and suicidal teammate back home for the 25th anniversary of their high school state basketball championship.  While trying to help their teammate recover from his tragic loss, the four friends confront their own relationship issues.

Writers: Margaret Ford Rogers and Dane Krogman
Synopsis: Marvel Rose is a black comedy about a sweet, little lady who lives with her centurion father and devoted friend, Annie. For years Marvel has been growing the most remarkable roses. Marvel’s success lies in a secret buried deep in her past and a strange recipe given to her by a Gullah root doctor. When a pair of unlikely twins comes to live with her, and a nosey newspaperman suspects her secret, Marvel begins to fear for her prize winning “babies.”

Writer: Jimmy Monack
Synopsis: Brianna Breckenridge is the richest eleven-year-old in New England, and also the worst brat in the world.  She spends her days trying to win the affections of her very wealthy and successful mother who, along with the house staff, must endure Brianna’s numerous pranks and mock-kidnappings.  As Brianna struts around in her little designer business suits, name-dropping tycoons like Steve Jobs and generally trying to be like her mom, one of her dreams comes true: she is actually kidnapped.

Writer: Mel Strait
Synopsis: Rediscovering of a mysterious Confederate boat, hidden since the Civil War sparks interest in its dark past. A journal in an old trunk chronicles deadly missions of silent incursion and its covert place in history.

Writer: Amy Dyal Bailey
Synopsis: A former Navy Seal learns his murdered wife is the sole heir of a wealthy shipping magnate. Now he’s on the run with his two young daughters to keep them safe. And while our hero and his ex-Seal team deal with tremendous perils, he discovers evidence that his wife may still be alive.

2013 Screenplay Semi-Finalists

Writer: Samuel Laskey
Synopsis: When a teenage girl goes missing, the Sheriff of a small, Appalachian town fights against a growing drug epidemic, a passionate Evangelical preacher and his own principles to bring those responsible to justice.

Writer: Nicholas Blake Gardner
Synopsis: In this action packed dark comedy, a hired killer and his accomplice’s night spirals out of control after making a mistake on the job.

Writer: Aleksandar Kostic
Synopsis: A Neuroscientist developing a technique that uses scent to restore lost memories is forced to confront dark episodes from his youth after his experiments unearth a past he worked hard to erase.

Writer: Kevin Holmes
Synopsis: As the result of a car accident which claims the life of her mother and brother, seven year old Isla lapses into a fourteen-year long coma.  Upon emerging, Isla must physically  recover and muddle through the conflicting guidance of her aging grandmother and her  alcoholic father to shed her child-like persona and discover herself as an adult woman.

Writer: Jeremiah P. O’Brien
Short Synopsis: A radical nuclear disarmament group cons a flight surgeon into believing his  men are being attacked with microwave radiation.  He gives them what he thinks is an antidote, but later discovers that it will cause mass hysteria on the eve of a war games exercise involving live nuclear weapons.

Title: CAKE
Writer: Patrick Tobin
Synopsis: After a woman becomes obsessed with the suicide of someone in her chronic pain support group, she develops an unusual relationship with the dead woman’s husband. It’s not clear until the end of the story whether she’s trying to find the secret to a successful suicide or a reason to go on living. Based on an award-winning short story.

Writer: Karen E. Francis
Synopsis: After receiving a frightening supernatural warning, a woman with her two children and a mysterious neighbor drive toward their destinations during an urgent road trip near Christmastime, 1991. They confront dangerous challenges, share past tragedies and test the limits of forgiveness when a shattering truth ultimately emerges in this redemptive family drama.

Writer: David J Schroeder
Synopsis: Larry David has a hard time being smart without being an ass. A traffic violation leads Larry David to traffic court and community service as a traffic cross walk guard. Meanwhile, the hybrid car maybe a silent killer, and Jeff Green is losing weight while getting Rolf-ed.

Writer: Alon Bar
Synopsis: When a young man decides to teach a rude person about parking in an incorrect spot, he discovers his own mistake and races against time to fix it before he’s caught.

Writer: Allen J Gorney
Synopsis: Social outcast and high school sophomore Mikey Skellig is devastated by the shocking imprisonment of his older brother Patrick. He needs to find out who set him up and exact his revenge, but doing so means taking on the most powerful clique at Elsinore High.

Writers: Ellyn Daniels and Rachel Jackson
Synopsis: Emily Porter is a small town, special needs school teacher who appears to have the perfect life, but she harbors a secret hoarding habit. When her hoarding causes an accidental murder, her obsession with having more than one of everything leaves her desperate to get more dead bodies.

Writer: Robert Cole
Synopsis: Major league baseball player disgraced for using performance-enhancing drugs and on the run from his bookie trades his bat for a polo mallet and redeems his life in a classic fish-out-of-water tale.

Writer: David Healey
Synopsis: A disabled lawyer is given an ultimatum by his last client: go to Sicily and get the formula for an incredible new medicine, or get “cut from the roster”.  A desperate priest shunned by the Vatican is scheming to grab the secret power behind the medicine to take control of the Roman Curia.  These unlikely forces clash, but ultimately the power is greater than either of them.

Writer: Steve Lucas
Synopsis: When a grieving reporter investigates a high-profile murder in Latin America, he encounters rumors of a woman who frees people from their deepest pain with a few spoken words. Now he must solve the murder mystery and discover her identity before her dark secret gets them both killed.  

Writer: Ron Hubbard
Synopsis: When a victim of bullying obtains a cape that protects the wearer from harm he finds the courage to defend the weak. But he cannot imagine to what lengths some will go to possess the incredible “Curtain of iron.”

Writer: Tori Sampson
Synopsis: Mourning the death of her mother, an orphaned Chicago teenager journeys to locate and cultivate a relationship with the father she’s never met.

Writer: Jan Hendrik Verstraten
Synopsis: Italy/South Carolina. Luca visits his ill mother in Italy. Her death is the start of self-reflection about his life, love and the healing of his relationship with Louise his girlfriend, who lives on the beautiful Wadlamaw Island.

Writer: Donald Marcus
Synopsis: It’s 1944 and 360,000 German POW’s are incarcerated in the United States.  Nine members of a captured U-Boat crew, all of them virulently anti-Nazi, plan and execute an escape from Arizona’s Camp Gila, which is run by a demented, alcoholic US Army colonel with the brutal assistance of some Fuehrer-loving SS prisoners. Darkly comic. Based on — and totally consistent with — historical fact.

Writer: Neil Valentine
Synopsis: A narcissistic occupy Times Square PROTESTER is taken on a tour of our digital world by her own ego. Wireless electrical transfer, omniscient levels of surveillance in  every home, remote DNA tagging – she is introduced into a world where ‘The Man’ really is  what she and her kind portray him to be… and then some. In fact her journey is so successful  she becomes the only self-aware protester in the world – hence she wakes up in the landfill, on  top of her entire NGO!

Writer: Jake Butler
Synopsis: In 1985 on Sullivan’s Island, SC a group of young children are chased into the erie bunkers of Fort Moultrie.  They stumble onto an ancient evil and the adventure of a lifetime.

Writer: James Edward St.Clair
Synopsis: In order to save his beloved island nation, a benevolent dictator takes drastic measures to turn the island’s economy around. This dark comedy boldly explores political and moral paradoxes through action and humor.

Writer: John Edward Flynt
Synopsis: Abel Kohlner is a world famous young geneticist who returns to New York to teach at Columbia Medical school during the sweltering summer of 1977 and is quickly plunged into his own dark past — and is nearly killed himself — trying to prove that a strange German man he knows may have killed his grandparents at Dachau concentration camp during the war.

Title: SOARING                                               
Writer: Amy Danford-Klein
Synopsis: When a troubled young woman gets sentenced to community service in a senior center, she forms an unlikely friendship with a lonely elderly woman.  Both are changed as the older woman reveals the story of her life as a Women Air Service Pilot during World War II, a story which inspires the younger woman to set her own sights on what is possible when the sky is the limit.

Writer: Jodi Davis
Synopsis: When a reclusive marine biologist finds the key to communicating with dolphins, she must destroy her research before the Navy takes control of them.

Writer: Ohkyghnh-Rubea Mrabi
Synopsis: The continuing self-destruction of a somewhat know it all in Shawn Caran, daughter of an ailing mother who she tries to care for but who she can only find resentment for given their history. Forced to come back home out of her own sense of guilt, Shawn alienates so-called friends, causes trouble at the seedy club where she finds work, and even finds ways to ruin what becomes a tumultuous relationship with a could-be love in Brooke Abbison who’s own issues throw Shawn’s life into a downward spiral that could lead her in shambles.

Writer: Mike Long
Synopsis: South Carolina’s most famous ghost story comes to life as The Gray Man, who has warned of impending hurricanes on Pawleys Island for centuries, has now started haunting a vacationing family.  The Charles twins — the curious Harry and the acerbic Hailey — take it upon themselves to learn the origin of this ghost and to find a way to stop him.

Writer: Eric Carlson
Synopsis: Hoping to save the family farm, win the heart of the girl he loves, and gain the respect of his disapproving father, a 19 year old Oklahoma farm boy takes on the world’s greatest runners as he races 3400 miles across America in a grueling 84 day staged racing event organized by C. C. Pyle, America’s first sports promoter. Based on a true story.

Writer: Mike Hanson
Synopsis: A slacker comic needs money to prevent his grandmother’s eviction from her nursing home, but loses the home town comedy contest after being heckled in front of his unfortunately ex-girlfriend by a freshly sent-down Major League slugger.  The comic avenges this costly humiliation by re-heckling the player at the ballpark — which disrupts the game-fixing scam of a bizarre bookie.   Eventually the comedian and player tenuously team up against the bookie and find that they were their own worst enemies — until they met each other.

Writer: Jimmy Monack
Synopsis: Maria has the town right where she wants it.  She runs a dance studio, is in charge of the new resident selection committee and is even dating the mayor.  When Judy the former porn star arrives with the intention of buying a house and retiring, Maria does everything she can to drive her out of town.  When she is out-witted by the street-smart Judy, Maria finds out that they actually have a lot in common.  So much so that they join forces against the chauvinist elements of the town.  In the end, judgment gets set aside and a new friendship blossoms.

Writers: Gabi Mor and Eva R. Mor
Synopsis: A career criminal has his own heart stolen by a spiritual figure who challenges his faith by putting it to the ultimate test. Will the thief continue with his old criminal ways or risk his life by betraying his gang for a better future? Or is there a third option…

Writers: William Renken and Dave Dickey
Synopsis: A young man on the verge of college takes a summer job at a movie theatre in Charleston during the summer of 1999, where he meets a charismatic projectionist who teaches him as much about movies as he does life. And it might just be the other way around as well…

Writer: Paul Dupree
Synopsis: After a violent car accident, two lifelong friends gain the ability to stop and start time at will. When one of them begins using the power for nefarious purposes, the other must stop him and restore order.

Writer: Charles Krezell
Synopsis: A baby is stolen from a poor family in Guatemala as a childless American couple pursues parenthood through international adoption. Two families’ stories become are intertwined by love, hope and power.

Writer: Oliver W. Ottley III
Synopsis: When an unknown virus begins slowly wiping out the country’s dog population, a virologist gets more than he bargains for when his efforts to save man’s best friend unravels a web of corruption that could prove to have far more deadlier consequences than he ever imagined.

Writer: Larry M. Hedaa
Synopsis: Based on the real life story of Robert Smalls, a slave who stole a Confederate gunboat and sailed it to the Union fleet blockading Charleston. Smalls went on to aid the Union in their victory over Confederate forces and, after the war during reconstruction, served in the US Congress for five terms.

Writers: Erik Bernard and Lyndon Tait
Synopsis: A young man battles the goddess of war to save the world and restore the beauty of a princess in action packed retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Writer: Vicki Bartholomew
Synopsis: A Bangkok businessman tries to matchmake for his daughter with disastrous results.  She races to find her own husband with her cousin’s help, even while he is losing his girlfriends to the rich candidates.  Romantic comedy, Thai cast.

Writer: Daniel Baig
Synopsis: Action/adventure re-telling of the “Alice in Wonderland” story focusing on the unanswered questions in Lewis Carroll’s classic work.