Thursday April 10th

Documentary Program – 3:00pm – Sottile Theatre


Documentary (75 mins.) USA/Kenya, SC Premiere
Director: Matt Goldman
Writers: Matt Goldman and Elizabeth L. Gilbert
Producer: Elizabeth L. Gilbert
Cast: Elizabeth L. Gilbert

Synopsis: The Last Safari is a provocative and genre-defying documentary directed by Matt Goldman. It follows renowned photographer Elizabeth L. Gilbert on an unforgettable journey through remote Kenya in search of the tribes-people she documented a decade earlier. Gilbert and her ragtag crew dodge everything from bullets to deadly flash floods, learning some hard lessons about a rapidly changing continent along the way.


Documentary (4 mins.)  SC Premiere
Director/Writer: Ryan Cockrell
Producers: Ethan Jackson and Brittany Paul
Cast: Becca Barnet

Synopsis: A documentary short about taxidermy artist Becca Barnet.


Documentary Short (10 mins.) SC Premiere
Director/Writer/Producer: Jacob Rosdail
Cast: Jo Maeder

Synopsis: A woman struggles with the decision to get rid of the extensive doll collection her late mother wished could stay together forever.

Shorts Program – 5:00pm – Sottile Theatre


Comedy (9 mins.) SC Premiere
Director/Writer: Charlie Redd
Producer: Sebastian Savino
Cast: Max Ash, Ethel Fisher, Mara Lalli, Boomer Tibbs and Madeline Virbasius

Synopsis: Reservations is a 2013 short comedy film written and directed by Charlie Redd, a student at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. The film stars Max Ash, Ethel Fisher and Mara Lalli and features a cameo by legendary jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli. We follow Ted, a skeptical, young man who wasn't counting on an afterlife. When heaven turns out to be an over-booked hotel, Ted must face the cranky desk clerk who stands between him and a peaceful eternity...or at least one with room service.


Drama (15 mins.) SC Premiere
Director/Writer: Chandra Kilaru
Producers: Ramfis Myrthil and Dallas Brennan
Cast: Ato Essandoh, Frank Dolce, Natalie Knepp, Logan Floyd and Taylor Dior    

Synopsis: Life is unpredictable. And the violence guns bring into our lives even more so. A young boy witnesses his mother getting shot and years later stumbles upon the killer, a cop who's a doting family man. With a gun in his hand, will the boy make the easy choice of revenge or the difficult choice of justice? Or will it be somewhere in between where most truths live? In shades of gray.


Drama (14 mins.) Australia
Director/Writer: Stuart O’Rourke
Producer: Leah James
Cast: Katya Harvey and Satya Ilanko

Synopsis: Ten-year-old Ravi, recently arrived from Sri Lanka, is shy on his first day at an Australian school. Ravi and his family have just moved into Sydney’s Villawood detention centre and school is the only time he is allowed outside its fences. At school he is befriended by Jane, and she invites him to her birthday party. Jane is dismayed when he doesn’t turn up to the party and is absent from school on Monday, only to learn he has moved away. It is only when she receives a letter from Ravi that she understands that their friendship is not lost.


Science Fiction (19 mins.) East Coast Premiere
Directors/Writers: Preston Peterson and Jason Boesch
Producer: Rebekah Sindoris
Cast: Zachary Ray Sherman, Sun Hong and Jeremy Radin    

Synopsis: In the midst of the greatest scientific discovery of our generation, three young scientists face an ethical dilemma when their latest experiment goes a little too “right.”


Drama (15 mins.) UK, East Coast Premiere
Director/Writer: Charles Chintzer Lai
Producers: Prudence Beecroft and Charlotte Wolf
Cast: Vanessa Kirby, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Imogen Stubbs and Charlotte Hope

Synopsis: Two Londoners lose sleep but find each other.


Drama (30 mins.) Italy, SC Premiere
Director/Producer: Antonio De Palo
Writers: Antonio De Palo and Roberto Corradino
Cast: Giorgio Colangeli, Pietro De Silva, Riccardo Lanzarone, Davide Sasanelli and Luca Crocicchio

Synopsis: Riccardo is a child with Down syndrome and a burning passion for the theatre. Each afternoon, with the collusion of Mr. De Angelis, he sneaks into the small-town theatre in order to witness rehearsals featuring Mattia as he prepares for a show inspired by Marcel Marceau. The young Mattia, however, is hiding a secret that no one suspects.

Shorts Program – 7:00pm – Sottile Theatre


Drama (18 mins) Israel, East Coast Premiere
Director/Writer: Lior Sagi
Producer: Anna Gurevich
Cast: Nurit Galron, Eli Danker and Lavi Zytner    

Synopsis: Ahuva’s son, a kibbutznik from the south of Israel, is arrested on suspicion of rape of a minor. Ahuva is convinced that he is innocent and commits to clearing her son’s name despite her husband’s wishes. Little by little the cold facts of the case start making cracks in her defense cover forcing her to acknowledge her son’s deeds and reconsider her notion of being a mother.


Comedy (15 mins.) SC Premiere
Director/Writer: Wade Gasque
Producers: Steak House and Dominic Ottersbach
Cast: Mark Strano, Carrie Keranen and Justin Schollard    

Synopsis: A hopeless romantic learns a thing or two about relationships when he gets too close to the perfect couple.


Drama (20 mins.) East Coast Premiere
Director: Brian Hartley
Writer: Kaleb Tuttle
Producers: Kaleb Tuttle and Zack Evans
Cast: Mychal Thompson, Nathan Shrake, Brad Lee Wind, Casey Bond and Mike Reed

Synopsis: The untold story of Randall 'Mama' Boy' Burke, an African American baseball player in 1935 and his role in the first attempts to cross the color barrier in baseball, where he learns it's not just segregation that can stop him from playing the game he loves.


Drama (25 mins.) World Premiere
Director/Writer/Producer: James Babanikos
Cast: Russell Schultz, Mikell Pinkney, Candace Clift and Nichole Hamilton

Synopsis: An American soldier is making a surprise visit home from Afghanistan to see his wife and newborn daughter. But he soon finds that the pressures of being back home—even for a short stay—are more strenuous than those at the war front.


Comedy (12 mins.)  World Premiere
Director: Matt Leary
Writers: Whitney Christopher and Melissa Rainey
Producers: Jyn Hall, Melissa Rainey, Jeff Rainey and Whitney Christopher
Cast: Whitney Christopher and Tom Clark

Synopsis: Happily married law partner, Jillian, feels like she is the only woman on the planet who is not pregnant. She starts to lose her marbles when the stress of infertility begins to take its toll.


Comedy (4 mins.)  World Premiere
Director: Joseph Ahern
Writer/Producer: Max Reisman
Cast: Joseph Ahern, Desireé Nash, James Eason, Perry Smith and Ferin Petrelli

Synopsis: Pete calls his bank's customer service and falls down the rabbit hole.

Evening Program – 9:00pm – Sottile Theatre


Music Video (5 mins.) USA
Director: Michael Alden Lloyd
Producers: Adam Gorlitsky and Harald Galinski
Cast: Stop Light Observations, Paul Simmons, Daniel Jones, Morgan Reese, Khari Lucas and Julia Levy

Synopsis: Fears, insecurities, vulnerabilities, and the hope to overcome them. Stop Light Observations: Smilers of the Night takes us into the dark, underground dungeon of the Gatekeeper, as he hooks our lead singer, Will Blackburn, to a projector that unlocks his subconscious mind.


Drama/Adventure (105 mins.) New Zealand
Director/Producer: Craig Newland
Writers: Craig Newland and Andrew Gunn
Cast: Matt Whelan, Belinda Crawley, Dan Musgrove and David Aston

Synopsis: It's 1965 and rock music is shaking up the world but not on New Zealand radio. Richard Davis a twenty-three-year-old journalist is determined to break the government’s monopoly on broadcasting and bring rock n' roll to a younger generation and hold onto the woman he loves. Based on an incredible true story this epic David and Goliath struggle unified a younger generation.