Saturday April 12th


Charleston Music Hall - 9:30am
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Shorts Program – 11:00am – Charleston Music Hall

Script To Screen Winner

Drama (6 mins.)

Director: David Walton Smith
Producer: Barret Burlage
Writer: Megan Montgomery (Goose Creek High School)

Synopsis: The conflicts of a gut wrenching choice impacts a young girls life, as she struggles to make the right choice. Compelling and powerful, this short student winning script reflects the inner turmoil we all face when confronted with sudden challenges.


Animation (6 mins.) Israel, SC Premiere
Directors/Producers: Ben Genislaw and Yonni Aroussi
Writers: Ben Genislaw, Yonni Aroussi and Omri Givon
Cast: Nani Vahava and Ohad Hall

Synopsis: Journey to the future of Rani and Keren, a young couple moving in together for the first time. Without control they are drawn to the race of marriage, children and work, while desperately trying to keep up with the race and stay together.


Drama (13 mins.) SC Premiere
Director: Rod Blackhurst
Writers: Rod Blackhurst and David Ebeltoft
Producer: Josh Murphy
Cast: Rose Hemingway, David Chokachi, Jonathan Gundel and Peggy Scott

Synopsis: A young woman, stressed by her busy and continually crowded New York City existence, spontaneously retreats to a solitary lake deep in the Adirondacks.


Drama (13 mins.) World Premiere
Director/Writer: Shelly Short
Producers: Whitney Hess, Neil Short, Tami Ross, LaToya Yeargans and Megan Melrose
Cast: Charlie Ribbons and Jennifer Vincent

Synopsis: Reel Tradition is the story of Peter, a third-generation fisherman, on his quest to catch "The Big One" and add his glory to that of his lineage. Using traditional fishing methods handed down father-to-son he has yet to succeed but hasn't lost hope. On this day's trip to the lake he encounters a young woman that clearly hasn't learned the way of the fish. Partly out of a sense of charity and partly for his own sanity, Peter illustrates for Sammy the correct way to cast. She in turn offers him a piece of her special bait that seems to attract the fish where his trusty worms have failed. The decision Peter finds himself facing is to forgo tradition in favor of new ways or keep the faith despite his continued failure.


Period Comedy (14 mins.) East Coast Premiere
Director/Writer: Travis Mosler
Producer: Rachel McGee
Cast: Tom Kagy, Ann Muse, Haylin Tucker, Kwynn McEntire, Sarah Guinee, Kenzie Taylor, Kaylei Taylor and Jason Willey

Synopsis: Diamond John is a period comedy about the wildly eccentric character, John Wesley Huddleston. He supports his wife and five daughters by digging for gold and precious minerals while raising animals on the side. But the ground has consistently turned up dry. When faced with the news that his family's home is facing imminent foreclosure, John is forced to decide between getting a respectable job and continuing his passionate prospecting with unlikely hopes of striking it rich. With his wife threatening to take their five daughters and leave, the stakes are high. But who knows? Maybe he'll discover one of the largest naturally occurring diamond sites in the world?


Romantic Thriller (17 mins.) East Coast Premiere
Director: Maya Tanaka
Writer: Barrie Potter
Producers: Harry Joseph and Dmitriy Karfagenskiy
Cast: Ben Newell and Helen Rogers

Synopsis: A bike mechanic falls for a girl that may not be all she seems. A story about love, kind of.


Drama (25 mins.) USA/SWEDEN, East Coast Premiere
Director/Writer: Andrej Landin
Producers: Heather McBride and Andrej Landin
Cast: Zack Sayenko, Tatiana Dekhtyar and Peter Arpesella

Synopsis: Alexander, a lone cosmonaut, is adrift in orbit around Earth. He has lost communications and life-support systems are dwindling fast. At the same time in Italy, a radio engineer is working the night shift. He discovers a voice amidst the empty static. Under desperate circumstances, and across vast distances, an intense connection is made.


Comedy (3 mins.) SC Premiere
Director/Writer: Alexander Engel
Producers: Brad Payne and Mathew Achterberg
Cast: David Gelles, Mike Steinmetz, Hannah Dunne and Nicole Balsam

Synopsis: Two college kids. First apartment. It gets real. Fast.

Documentary Shorts Program – 1:00pm
Charleston Music Hall


Documentary (3 mins.) World Premiere
Director/Writer: Ryan Cockrell
Producers: Ethan Jackson and Dorian Warneck
Cast: Matt Smithson

Synopsis: Artist and animator Matt Smithson illustrates interpretations of his dreams.


Documentary (12 mins.) USA/Spain, SC Premiere
Director/Writer: Àlex Lora
Producer: Valérie Delpierre
Cast: Saravuth Inn

Synopsis: A Cambodian immigrant plays chess in the heart of New York with the hopes of finding a better position on the board of life.


Documentary (8 mins) SC Premiere
Director/Writer/Producer: Nicole Powell
Cast: Blockhead, Ms. Atl, Spookytoons and Catlanta, Evereman

Synopsis: One of Atlanta's hidden treasures is its Free Art community. Anonymous artists hide artwork in public locations, and the pieces are free for the people who find them. Artists frequently post hints on social media to guide their fans. In Free Art 4U, five artists share how they create and distribute art as part of the community.


Documentary Short (18 mins.) SC Premiere
Director/Writer/Producer: Helen Hood Scheer
Cast: Don Colcord and Kretha Colcord

Synopsis: A portrait of a beloved druggist in a rural Colorado outpost, as he navigates a profound divide between his public and private lives while operating the only pharmacy within 4,000 square miles.


Documentary (12 mins.)  World Premiere
Director/Producer: Brady Brandwood
Cast: Anonymous Moonshiner

Synopsis: A documentary uncorking the heritage of Moonshine in rural North Georgia, with illuminating and emotional details shared about the lifestyle and techniques used to avoid getting caught by the “Narks,” as well as a first-hand look into the culture, risk, personal pride, and passion poured into the art. One touching and revealing scene at the end sums up the emotional human factor of the lifestyle in the late 60s and early 70s in the rural mountains of North Georgia.


Documentary (30 mins.)
Director: Brad Jayne
Writer: Denis Gallagher
Producers: Cleto Augusto, Doug Coupe and Brad Jayne
Executive Producer: Denis Gallagher

Synopsis: The Sands of Time: An Inspiring Story of Family, Faith and Love. When life doesn't go the way you plan, you either give up or you learn to deal with it. This is a true-life love story of Scott Sands and Rebekah Davies, two indomitable souls afflicted with a rare and dreaded disease. As Scott approaches his 46th birthday, he finally gets to meet Rebekah, two years after the Millennial Generation Brit, who was "the most confused" she had ever been about life heeds inspirational advice from a friend encouraging her to visit Scott’s Facebook page and ends up changing everyone’s life.


College of Charleston - 3:00pm
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3:00pm – Charleston Music Hall


Sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism and Trident Technical College.

Come see the next generation of great South Carolina filmmakers! The S.C. Young Filmmakers Project is a statewide high school filmmaking competition; challenged to create a two-minute-or-less short film about the great outdoors, high school students from across the state participated. The program will reveal the Top Ten entries as determined by a panel of independent judges, with on-line public voting to help decide the winners.

Top ten filmmakers and contest organizers will be on hand for Q & A after the screening.  For more information on the program, visit

2014 SC Film Commission Indie Grant Program
4:00pm – Charleston Music Hall


Drama (12 mins.) Work-In-Progress
Director/Writer: Geoffrey Gunn
Producers: Geoffrey Gunn, Jason Tanenbaum, Jenny Kleiman and Brad Jayne
Cast: Jon Berry, Jeremy Meyer, Daniel R. Jones, Michael Odesanya and Julianna Stasio

Synopsis: When the managers of the Ellington learn their classic movie theater is closing to make way for a new megaplex, they come up with a plan to shut the Ellington down in style.


Live Action (17 mins.) Work-In-Progress
Director/Writer: D. P. Jones
Producers: D. P. Jones and Carolyn Russell
Cast: Terry Serpico, Spencer Jones, Nat Jones, Rodney Rogers, Bruce Williamson, Jay Johnson, Jana Allen, Michael Rosender and Daniel Jones

Synopsis: The nature and knowability of reality:  A comedy.

COFFEE DATE            

Comedy, Work-In-Progress
Director: James Edward Tilden
Writers: Henry Snyder and James Edward Tilden
Producers: James Edward Tilden, Henry Snyder and Barret Burlage
Cast: Daryn Khan, Elizabeth L. Keener, Paul Pavlich, Jeph Cange and Elisabetta Fantone

Synopsis: Ted and Alice arrange to meet over coffee.  Expecting a nice, low-key first date they get more excitement than expected.


Music Video/Experimental, Work-In-Progress
Director/Writer: Stephen Boatright
Cast: Ellie Caterisano, John Oliver and Jason Adkins

Synopsis: When a terrible plague descends upon a small but wealthy kingdom, Prince Prospero gathers his closest sycophants and hides from the horror in his tallest tower. But in the midst of another extravagant masquerade, a mysterious figure appears to remind the revelers of the terror they've been running from.

6:00pm – Charleston Music Hall


Comedy (6 mins.) Canada, SC Premiere
Director: François Jaros
Writer: Guillaume Lambert
Producers: Fanny-Laure Malo and François Jaros
Cast: Guillaume Lambert, Marie-Eve Milot, Marie-Claude St-Laurent and Sarah Pellerin

Synopsis: Love. Grief. Shock. Denial. Sleeplessness. Bubble bath. Mucus. Masturbation. Pop tart. Pigeons. Toothpaste. Hospital. Fuck. Bye. Hair. Sports. Chicken. Bootie. Kids. Rejection. Squirrels. Cries. Awkward—95 scenes, five minutes: life's a bitch.


Southern Comedy (98 mins.) USA
Director/Writer: Bryan Coley
Producers: Bryan Coley, Matt Pope and Darren Moorman
Cast: Jeff Foxworthy (narrator), Wes Murphy, Bethany Anne Lind, L. Warren Young, Aaron Beelner, Phillip DeVona, Rick Dial and Rob Bouton

Synopsis: In the off-beat style of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, this southern fairytale, narrated by executive producer, Jeff Foxworthy follows the comical missteps of a lovable loser, Bill "Crackerjack" Bailey IV (CJ). His residence of choice is a singlewide. His entrepreneurial endeavors include collecting state quarters and Dinky Dolls. And the only diamond that he gets near is not the finger of his live-in girlfriend, Sherry, but instead a softball diamond, which is CJ's drug of choice, However, when Sherry learns she's pregnant and moves out to prod CJ into action, the real root of CJ's artful dodging comes into play: a curse in which Bailey men become absent as soon as a baby becomes present. Faced with losing his true love or confronting the curse and his impending fatherhood, CJ does what any man would do—play ball!

Shorts Program – 8:00pm – Charleston Music Hall


Fashion (2 minutes)
Congratulations to the 2014 Winner 

The films submitted Baker Motor Company Charleston Fashion Week® Fashion + Film Contest are required to tie in with fashion, and must be creatively and tastefully executed. Entries were judged and selected by a panel of video editors and industry experts, including Charleston International Film Festival President and Co-Founder Summer Peacher.


Drama (28 mins.) SC Premiere
Director/Writer: Daniel Stine
Producers: Mike Stine and Helen Stine
Cast: Linden Ashby, Kate Hamilton, Daniel Stine, Bill Raulerson, Susan Walters and Isabelle Gardo

Synopsis: A young man fleeing his own demons happens upon a soon-to-be closed winery on a bleak, wintry afternoon. He encounters a pair of hosts who, in dramatically different ways, offer him a glimpse into the past history of the vineyard and a hint of salvation for himself and the once-proud family estate.


Comedic Thriller (15 mins.) SC, World Premiere 
Director: James Costa
Writer: Danielle Gianakas
Producers: James Costa, Danielle Gianakas and Kevin Abrams
Cast: Rob Springer, David Schifter, Bruce Williamson, Vincin Zo and Meg Lagares

Synopsis: A straight-laced realtor encounters an overly inquisitive mechanic in the Charleston Lowcountry.


Animation/Family/Comedy (8 mins.) SC Premiere
Directors/Producer: Katelyn Bianchini, Asia Lancaster and Rena Cheng
Writer: Katelyn Bianchini

Synopsis: In a world where balloons are alive and afraid of children, one balloon must place his fragile life in the hands of an unexpected friend.


Romantic Comedy (23 mins.)
Director: Brian James Crewe
Writer: Marion Kerr
Producer: Hugh Aodh O'Brien
Cast: Marion Kerr and Andre Hall

Synopsis: David goes on a date with Hannah, a young woman, who isn't quite what she seems.


Comedy/Science/Fiction (17 mins.) Australia, East Coast Premiere
Director/Writer: JJ Winlove
Producers: Jenny Lee-Archer and Linda Sapier
Cast: Matthew Moore, Krew Boylan, Lorna Lesley and Paul Barry

Synopsis: After Zac and girlfriend Izzy stumble across a young woman being mugged, they agree to undergo a new police procedure to have their memories retrieved to identify the attacker. Things come unstuck when Zac's memories reveal a little more about himself than he would like Izzy to know.

Music Farm – 32 Ann Street, Charleston, SC 29403
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