Friday April 11th

Documentary Program – 4:00pm – Sottile Theatre


Documentary (79 mins.) Netherlands, SC Premiere
Director/Writer/Producer: Marieke Niestadt
Cast: Lucia Rijker and Diana Prazak

Synopsis: Female boxer Diana Prazak always wanted to fight the best in her league, therefore she accepts the invitation by the number one fighter in the world, Frida Wallberg, to fight her for the WBC world title in Stockholm. Lucia Rijker, former six-time world champion, coaches Diana to prepare her physically and mentally for the toughest fight of her life and her biggest, most paralyzing fear: losing. In Stockholm, they are confronted with the picture-perfect Frida and her glamorous and extended entourage. The brutal fight, however, takes a dramatic turn. Diana is left to consider if she truly got what she wished for. 


Documentary (10 mins.) USA/Spain, SC Premiere
Directors/Writers: Àlex Lora and Antonio Tibaldi
Producer: Francis Mead
Cast: Khadija Haji, Sahra Cige and Faadumo Isma'il

Synopsis: Young Alifa looks up at the Somali sky. She thinks about her daily life as a shepherdess...she knows that the day that will change her life forever is about to come.


Documentary (8 mins.) UK, SC Premiere
Director/Producer: Kerry Kolbe
Cast: Annie Day

Synopsis: After a century on earth, which memories really matter? For Annie Day, who turned 100 in May 2012, it's the day her young son Brian brought a German Prisoner of War to Christmas dinner almost seventy years ago, which marked the start of an enduring lesson in love, loss, and acceptance.

Shorts Program – 6:00pm – Sottile Theatre


Animation (5 mins.) 
Genre: Animation
Director/Producer: Dustin Grella

Synopsis: Animation Hotline uses anonymous messages left on the artist's voicemail to provide the content for these sometimes insightful, sometimes bizarre, micro-shorts.


Drama (7 mins) Belgium, SC Premiere
Director/Writer/Producer: Sébastien Pins
Cast: Benjamin Gruslin and Jean-Pierre de Terwangne    

Synopsis: A child travels throughout the forest to discover its magic, its mysteries, and its meetings…


Comedy (11 mins.)  World Premiere 
Director/Writer: Ashley-Michel Hoban
Producer: Rogery Gregory
Cast: Kate Britton, Victor Joel Ortiz, Anne-Marie Cusson and Laura Princiotta

Synopsis: Small-town sweetheart Jackie is finally getting married…


Drama (23 mins.) China, SC Premiere
Director/Writer: Yulin Liu
Producer: Di Cheng
Cast: Xinxin Niu, Hai Mao, Qing Wei and Qian Li

Synopsis: A seven-year-old girl, Lingli, has been waiting two years for her mother to come home. When her family finally puts up the Door God on Chinese New Year, her mother finally returns, but brings irreversible change to Lingli and her family.


Dramedy (27 mins.) SC Premiere
Director: Aaron Wolf
Writers: Aaron Wolf and Dan Wolf
Producer: Pete DiFolco
Cast: Michael Gross, Heather Lind and Mark Gessner    

Synopsis: Lance Wesley lost his job and fiancée on the same day. Depressed and downtrodden, he moves back into his parents' Guesthouse where he spent his youth. As he fights constantly with his frustrated and less-than-patient father, relics from his past pay him a visit. Will his past propel him forward?


Comedy/Experimental (18 mins.) East Coast Premiere
Directors: Michael R. Lucas, Gene Ellenberg (AD)
Writer/Producer: Michael R. Lucas
Cast: Adrian Eppley, Michael R. Lucas, Gene Ellenberg, Christopher Thomas, Jena Heaton, Jan Schiebler, and Caroline Owen

Synopsis: Two narcissistic, highly motivated young professionals misstep and course correct through an awkwardly humorous blind date. Through the use of inner monologue (at times overlapping), the viewer can glimpse the motives of the characters and understand how these motives become detached from their original intentions.


Family Drama/Inspiration (6 mins.)
Director/Writer: Dave Blamy
Producers: Brett Gentile and Dave Blamy
Cast: Mark Scarboro and Ashlee Payne

Synopsis: A couple struggling in their marriage agree that for one month they will keep a record of each other’s faults in separate jars. But when the month ends and they open them, the couple learns a lesson far greater than they ever imagined.

8:00pm – Sottile Theatre


Thriller (13 mins.) World Premiere
Director/Writer: Alex Lombard
Producer: Jacob R. Burke
Cast: Jonathan Groff, Alex Lombard and Marcos De La Cruz

Synopsis: "Sophie" is a film about expectation, risk and reckoning. It follows a Ben (Jonathan Groff "Looking," "Frozen," "Glee"), on his journey from the straight and narrow path to the downward spiral of delusion. Upon meeting Sophie (Alex Lombard "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter," "Inception," "Big Love") in a downtown park, their seemingly innocent relationship unfolds through a shared love of comic books. What emerges is a narrative that creeps to the edge of a cliff, and as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, it drops the viewer over the edge. At once, the reckoning comes too late, but it does indeed come and at a very high price. This marks Alex Lombard's directorial debut.


Drama (93 min) SC Premiere
Director/Writer: Blake Robbins
Producers: Warren Ostergard, Grant Fitch, Marci Liroff and Blake Robbins
Cast: Blake Robbins, Laura Kirk, Matthew Del Negro, Armin Shimerman, Anastasia Baranova and Scott William Winters

Synopsis: David Conrad is a college professor and sometimes philanderer raising three children in a small Kansas suburb with his wife Kelly. When sudden tragedy strikes the family in the days before Christmas, David and Kelly's marriage is brought to its breaking point, and David's desire for retribution leads him into uncharted moral territory, with the question: what can we forgive?

Shorts Program – 10:00pm – Sottile Theatre


Fiction (21 mins.) France, SC Premiere
Director/Writer: Mélanie Delloye
Producer: Robin Robles
Cast: Elodie Bouchez and Malo Blondel

Synopsis: Having lost custody of her seven-year-old son, Anna wants another chance to make up for all the things she did wrong. This time, things will be different.


Comedy/Horror (12 mins.)  SC Premiere
Director: Rich Robinson
Writers: Rich Robinson, Aaron Beck and Jeff Stepp
Producers: Jeff Stepp, Rich Robinson and Mick Hitz
Cast: Sean Bridgers and Tom Barker

Synopsis: Groundskeeper Burke Sawyer is in a rush to save his deceased father's soul from a menacing creature buried underground that is feeding on the corpses of Juniper Falls Cemetery.


Fiction (6 mins) Kosovo, SC Premiere
Director/Writer/Producer: Bekim Guri
Cast: Bislim Mucaj, Fitore Broqi and Shevdet Doda    

Synopsis: Kosovo 1999. In the midst of the deportation of civilians during the war, a father must choose between his daughter's life and death in order to save her from the horror.


Drama (13 mins.) World Premiere
Director/Writer: Karen Wang
Producers: Karen Wang and Eric Richmond
Cast: Alberto Zambenedetti, Constance Labbé, Justin Donham, Eli Bailey and Lori McNally

Synopsis: Jim seems to lead the perfect life: a good job, a nice home, a beautiful wife. One day, during his early morning run, Jim notices a discarded teddy bear in the street. He is taken by the bear’s tragically sad appeal. The moment quickly passes, and Jim presses on. The next day tragedy strikes, and Jim’s world is completely upended. Reeling from the aftermath, Jim falls into despair. He lacks the will to pick up the pieces of his shattered existence until one day, when he chances upon the teddy bear again. Compelled to take the bear home with him, Jim rehabilitates his new friend, and together they embark upon a journey toward rebirth and reinvention.


Comedy/Drama (21 mins.) SC Premiere
Director/Writer: Michael Fitzgerald
Producer: Christian Parent
Cast: Suziey Block, Zach Alden, Scott Rodgers, Gilli Messer, Amy Bloom, Joe Hartzler, Chadd Stoops, Coty Warn and John Mckay

Synopsis: When Mitch and Izzy learn of their best friend’s engagement, it renders them the last unmarried couple. Out of spite and a little booze, they decide to take the plunge, and what they find is downright frightening.


Comedy (6 mins.) World Premiere
Director/Writer/Producer: Steve Yager
Cast: Steve Yager, Dane Biren, GiGi Hessamian, Beth Moline and Nick Denning

Synopsis: Since Jeff's friends have coupled up, he's become the fifth wheel. Scratch that. He's become the crappy spare tire that no one remembers is in the trunk of the car. He's tired of being ignored by his beloved friends, and he's determined to rekindle the good times, even if it means kidnapping them and forcing them to enjoy his dinner party.


Comedy (12 mins.)
Director: Mark Nickelsburg
Writer: Mark Nickelsburg and Cindy Chupack
Producer: Abaloon Films
Cast: Josh Hamilton, Eliabeth Elkins and Grace Gawthrop

Synopsis: New York is a tough place to find love. Especially for an eighteen-month-old who lives on his own.

Mynt – 135 Calhoun St, Charleston, SC 29401